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Published October 28, 2020

Cross Platform is here thanks to the Geyser plugin! You can now connect and play on Novus from your console of choice.

This guide will walk you through how to connect and play.


  1. You must own a copy of Minecraft for both the console you want to use (Bedrock Edition) and Minecraft Java Edition.

Change Console Settings

First off we need to change the DNS settings of our console. This guide will use the Nintendo Switch as demonstration, but this can be done on both Xbox and PlayStation too using that console’s interface.

  1. Navigate to System Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings

2. Select your Wireless Network from the list, then choose “Change Settings”

3. Scroll Down to “DNS Settings” and change it to “Manual”

4. Select “Primary IP Address” and input the following value and press OK.

5. Select “Secondary IP Address” and input the following value and press OK.

6. Press Save, then select “Connect to This Network” on the next page.

7. After you get the Successfully connected message, return to the home screen and start Minecraft

Connect to Novus in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

  1. From the Minecraft main menu, make sure you are signed into your Microsoft account (make sure you see your username on left hand side of the screen)
  2. Click “Play” then go to the Servers tab. You’ll see the message has changed to “Join to open Server List”. Join any of those servers via the “Join Server” button.

3. Select “Connect to a server” from the Server list once that appears

4. Input the Novus IP into the Server Address field. The Port value can be left as the default. Check the “Add to server list” checkbox so you can skip this step the next time you want to play

5. You will connect momentarily, then disconnect and be prompted with a login screen. Input your Minecraft Java Edition credentials and hit Submit

6. That’s it! Enjoy playing on Novus from your console!

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