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Published October 28, 2020

This is a list of all the plugins that Novus uses

  1. Custom Armor Stands
  2. Invisible Item Frames
  3. Craftable Grass
  4. Player Head Drops
    A Minecraft datapack that adds a way to collect other players’ heads. When a player kills another, a head will drop. The head will have information about the killer.
  5. More Mob Heads
    Adds a chance to receive a mob head upon killing it for all mobs.
  6. Universal Dyeing
    Allows you to dye any dyable block to another color no matter what color it is.
  7. Dragon Drops
    Defeating the enderdragon will have it drop a dragon egg and an elytra
  8. Double Shulker Shells
    Makes all shulkers drop 2 shells every time
  9. Craftable Shulker Shells
    Adds a custom recipe to craft a Dragon Egg and purpur blocks into Shulker Shells

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